Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Weekend

Aah, the weekend. Sometimes I wish I can't wait until Summer - it's like three months of never-ending weekends (but then again, it's only three months; limited).

I have no idea what I am doing this weekend, besides going to the movies to watch How to Train Your Dragon in 3D with my friend. I actually make a "Goal List" almost every weekend to know what I want to accomplish over the weekend. But you can't always accomplish your goal over a few days - I have short term goals and long-term goals.

The weekend is only 48 hours of break. If you really break it down, you would really take away the number of hours you sleep and all, but that's complicated. You don't really need to know exactly how many hours you spent wasting your time.

Well, remember the time I said I was going to the movies with my friend (Paragraph II)? Well that's today, and my friend's going to pick me up in less than an hour and a half, so I best be going. I'll blog later this weekend and tell you how it goes, haha! :)

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