Friday, May 14, 2010

Longing for Summer?

Do you get that feeling that you want school to end, but when the last day of school arrives, you don't want to go?  That's how I feel today - the last day of school.

I felt somewhat emotional during different periods of time.  As most middle schoolers do here around my school district, we had Field Day.  It was great soaking up Vitamin D while hanging out with your friends!  Speaking of friends, the most weird thing occurred: I made some new friends today.  The last day of school.  (It must have been opposite day or something.)  Although it doesn't occur very much (according to me), I think it benefits.  Making new friends at the end of the school year can continue as you progress to the next grade.

I missed everyone the minute I came and stepped into and out of school.  Life goes on, but sometimes I wish it would just pause for me.

(Have A Great Summer)

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